Welcome to KNOWLEDGISM, the website dedicated to the works of
Alan C. Walter.

Anyone seeking to create and experience a better life through increasing and mastering knowledge is part of the knowledge era.

The subject of Knowledgism derives from this era, the knowledge era.

Knowledgism is not a specific culture, it includes all cultures engaged in seeking knowledge. Knowledgism seeks to empower and work with those seekers.

It is not just a spiritual philosophy. Hopefully, it includes the mastery of all subjects that greatly enhances life for each of us.

A Knowledgist studies, practices and applies knowledge for the greatest good of everyone, including themselves. Knowledge has become not only the power of today's society, but the basis for survival in the future. In the coming years, the rewards for being knowledgeable will be vast, the penalties for ignorance, severe.

The game being played is KNOWLEDGE versus IGNORANCE.

Coming by 30 October, the new KNOWLEDGISM website that will positively help you change the way you create and live life. We hope to see you then.

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