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About Us:

The Advanced Coaching and Leadership Center was established in 2001. Prior to that, delivery of training, coaching and processing was conducted by existing organizations, owned by the Founder, Alan C. Walter. (Please feel free to visit our Associated Organizations page to learn more about these organizations.)

It was decided to establish The Advanced Coaching and Leadership Center, headquartered at the ACLC Ranch in Saint Jo, Texas. With the purpose of creating an advanced training center and headquarters for all groups, organizations and individuals delivering or practicing the applied technology known as Knowledgism©.

The cutting edge services and techniques delivered by ACLC is aimed at those striving to obtain a much higher level of knowledge and ability, for themselves and others.

We trust that you will find the information on these pages informative. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. We would love to hear from you!


The Advanced Coaching and Leadership Center
invites you to meet our founder:
Alan C. WalterAlan is recognized as one of America's top leaders because of his far-reaching accomplishments. These include his leading-edge research into the field of Human Potential and his ability to coach and train others to be champions in their chosen fields.

For their book "21st Century Leadership", authors Lynne Joy McFarland, Larry E. Senn, and John R. Childress, chose Alan C. Walter as one of America's Top 100 Leaders -- along with Lee Iacocca, H. Ross Perot, Bill Gates and others. The writers quote Mr. Walter's viewpoints about what will be required of future leaders.

Alan was born in London England and was still a young boy there during the second World War. He also lived briefly in Wales and then, finally, his family moved to Australia, where he grew up. (See the "Early Days," below.)

  21st century Leadership
Success At An Early Age

As early as the age of fourteen, Alan found he could not conform to the existing paradigm. He left the public school system because he realized he was being taught that he couldn't do things rather than that he could. He began a lifelong quest for knowledge through self-education and experience. Even at that early age, he demonstrated entrepreneurial abilities, taking his savings of thirty dollars and buying a horse and two dogs in order to start his droving business in the Outback of Australia.

Soon, the young man was making more money in a day than his father earned in a week. At the age of nineteen, with no experience, Alan decided he wanted to become a football player. Within two years, he became a professional and ultimately became a major league player on the national Australian Professional Football scene. At the same time, he began building a national sales organization which quickly expanded to over four hundred employees.

Over the years, Alan has experienced great success in business, becoming a self-made millionaire. All the while, his continuing interest has been in the field of Human Potential. He has realized more and more over the years that the ultimate development lies in becoming more fully oneself, unlayering what is obscuring the true individual. Thusly, all levels of human operation are addressed in his works -- Spirit, Mind and Body.

  No 25, Alan Playing in the first ever televised  Australian, football game in 1961
The Techniques

The techniques that have resulted from this approach make it possible for anyone to greatly enhance his or her ability to achieve success in any area of life -- be it spiritual, mental, or physical. This set of techniques is at least a generation ahead of anything else. It is ideal for an individual who is already capable and who wishes to clearly define his real purposes in life and actually achieve them. Those who gain mastery in applying this technology not only enjoy dynamically positive lives, they also become proficient in helping others to achieve the same.

How valuable is that?

Since 1964, Alan has worked with over 250,000 people, many in Fortune 500 companies, training them to be champions in their respective fields. While continuing his research, he also conducts special training programs based on his discoveries. More and more people from around the world are benefiting from the technology developed by Alan C. Walter and unleashing their inner Champions.

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Books For Success

Alan has written a number of books, including "The Secrets To Increasing Your Power, Wealth And Happiness." Some his other published titles are: "The Paradigm Matrix --- Its Effects On Future Prosperity And Human Events" as well as the revelatory "Gods In Disguise."

More than five hundred of his lectures are now available in DVD, CD and MP3 formats.

You are invited to benefit from the vital, special research that Alan has done. If you haven't already, be sure and read about The Zones Of Life.

  Secrets to incresing your Power, Wealth and Happiness
KNOWLEDGISM©: The high tech - high touch use of knowledge based processes and procedures to optimize economies, societies, areas, subjects, objects, groups and individuals. It is founded on win-win achievements rather than win-lose, or lose-lose competitions. Knowledgism© is an inclusion of what is best from all past systems. As Knowledgism© expands it will cross all boundaries of race, nations, color and creed. (Zones Of Life Book, Vol. I, Chapter Two)
KNOWLEDGIST©:One who practices Knowledgism by studying, practicing and applying knowledge to do the greatest good for the greatest number.(Zones Of Life Book, Vol. I, Chapter Two)

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