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This is the "daily grind" or "rut" in which the individual doesn't take risks but works only for security.

The Yellow Zoner has good subject skills, but poor people-handling and communication skills.   He operates on pre-conceived beliefs in a comfort zone, and is often bored.

His daily life is directed mostly by preconceived ideas and habits.

The Yellow Zoner is not sure of what is important and what is not.

Some of the Yellow Zoner's life urges, such as handling things, places, and subjects are in the Green Zone.  Some -- relationships, career, family, sex, and handling people -- are in the Red Zone.

Future Potential -- Mediocre.  He is playing mediocre games.  He has some small successes, but will have trouble handling the massive changes of the future.

Now, the place you'll only want to visit.
You certainly DON'T want to live there! -- THE RED ZONE

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