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The Secrets to Success in Relationships and Life

The formula for succeeding at anything is well known. It is the same formula that creates successful relationships, whether these are personal or business relationships. It is the same formula that creates success in life.

The formula is "Intention, vision, and lots of training and practice, practice, practice until you reach mastery and can demonstrate competence."

Here is an excerpt From "The Secrets To Increasing Your Power, Wealth and Happiness" by Alan C. Walter in which he talks about why this formula is not successfully applied by everyone.

Chapter 1

"I have interviewed billionaires, N.F.L. stars, and Academy Award winners. All got what they got with intention, vision, and lots of training and practice until they had mastery and could demonstrate competence.

"You see, those world champions, though they gave the exact formula for how to become a world champion at anything you choose to master, they left out one vital ingredient!

"This book is about that vital ingredient.

"The missing vital ingredient is WHY our education system is failing. It is WHY our jails are overflowing; WHY our sales forces cannot produce.

"It is WHY there are over thirty-million people who suffer from depression; WHY the divorce rate is so high; WHY there are so many people in co-dependent relationships; WHY people take drugs and alcohol.

"It is WHY MOST do not achieve their intentions, dreams, or goals.

"The subject that this book addresses is vital if you want to attain success, power, prosperity, wealth, and happiness."

The Secrets To Increasing Your Spiritual Power, Wealth and Happiness
Author: Alan C. Walter
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